Our Vision

We are changing the world of healthcare and wellness. With underdeveloped and overburdened health care systems, it’s time we learn how to take care of ourselves and each other. If caregivers can feel confident in their ability to care for their loved ones without harming their own health, we can begin to be healthy again as people, together.

Our Story

We are a team of caregivers and professionals. We have lived the caregiving experience, and know there is more to be done to support caregivers. Everything we do is caregiver centric – how do we make life easier for caregivers, and their loved ones?

Chief Executive Officer

Morgan has a background in business, social enterprise and entrepreneurship, leading a national non-profit out of Toronto and working with the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs and Regional Innovation Centre networks.

Chief Mental Health Officer

Joel has 22 years experience in counselling, with fellowship and post-doc experience across Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospitals.

Software Engineer

Brian is a software engineer who strives to use his programming skills for social good. He has a passion for technology and believes in its potential to break down the barriers around mental health.

Software Engineer

Marcel sees mental health and technology as two pieces of the same puzzle, and is eager to build a world where people feel supported.

UX/UI Designer

Becky is an empathy focused designer with a mission to bring human interactions to everyday technology. A lot of her projects focused on healthcare and communication.

Mental Health Analyst

Deana is a Master’s of Social Work student from Laurier University. She has experience working and supporting cancer patients and their caregivers. She believes strongly in breaking down barriers to make mental health support more accessible to people.

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