Our Vision

We all have the basic need and ability to keep ourselves mentally healthy. But sometimes, life gets hard, and we need some help. We believe that every person deserves access to the basic mental health skills they need, wherever they are, for free.

Our Story

We are a team who are all well-versed in the challenges that mental ill-health can present. Whether as a family member of someone with emotional difficulties, or a mental health professional, we have each developed a fire within us to better the well-being of all those in our communities. We know that sometimes, it takes more than the strength within us to navigate the situations that exist, and that many times, it's as simple as knowing the right skill to use at the right time. So even though we know that you’ve got this, we’ve got you.


Chief Executive Officer

Morgan Rosenberg is an Ivey Entrepreneur in Residence, an Adjunct Lecturer at the Schulich School of Medicine, a Senior Fellow at UHN OpenLab. He is a career non-profit and social enterprise leader in companies like TechAlliance (MaRS affiliate) and AIESEC (global non-profit).

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Chief Mental Health Officer

Joel Rosenberg has 25 years experience in counselling, with fellowship and post-doc experience across Harvard Medical School’s teaching hospitals. He specializes in mental health in youth, couples and first-responders, and has led methodologies in visualization, trauma, and narrative therapy.

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Software Engineer

Brian is a software engineer who strives to use his programming skills for social good. He has a passion for technology and believes in its potential to break down the barriers around mental health.

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Software Engineer

Marcel is a student at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil. He sees mental health and technology as two pieces of the same puzzle, and is eager to build a world where people feel supported.

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UI/UX Designer

Lena brings a multidisciplinary background in User Experience, Cognitive Science, and business, dedicated to innovate digital mental health experiences.

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