Resili Report for Employers

Increase productivity, resilience, and loyalty
by empowering employees' mental strength.

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Science backed mental strength

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Only 20 minutes
per year

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Turn key rollout

We're not giving you another solution.

We know that there are TOO many apps and new age EAPs out there, and
no one wants another solution to have to fit into their benefits package.

Employers are sick of low utilization of these apps, and frankly, most employees were sick of
the apps before they were even purchased. Don't worry, we get it. 

That's why the Resili Report only takes 20 minutes/year for employees to complete and gives you:

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Science-backed employee mental strength insights

Quarterly mental strength turnkey initiatives

Custom mental strength building activities for each employee

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How it works




Employees fills out a private 5 minute Resili mental strength survey.

Each employee receives a custom Resili Report with mental strength sub-scores and custom strength building activities based on their answers.

HR and Management gets a quarterly analysis, findings, and recommendations guide to give you what you need to keep productivity high and burnout low.