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Updated: Oct 9, 2018

As I sit here thinking about Supports Health, what sits at the top of my mind is how grateful I am for life to have led me here. I’m managing a great team of caring people who are doing great work alongside me for a cause that we deeply care about. Had you asked me three years ago what I’d be doing right now, it would not have been this. Yet this has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done. I could never have imagined myself doing this. But life is funny like that.

Over the past few years, my world has changed drastically. I realized the importance of doing what made sense to me rather than what everyone told me to do. This new path led me to become the CEO of what I truly believe to be a world-changing start-up. In many ways I shouldn’t have experienced what got me here: feeling responsible, fully, for my partner’s life; falling asleep in the ER next to her as she was kept in the hospital for 72 hours; or losing my job, lifestyle, and track of my own health, for just the chance to help her recover from her depression and anxiety. My past is not something I would choose to change; however, I can see now that we needed a lot more help and needed it a lot earlier.

I am so grateful to be where I am. After seeing both of us work towards a brighter future for ourselves, I am ready to put my full attention into Supports Health. I am here willing to risk everything once again on a start-up that is going to change the lives of many people that are going through a journey that shouldn’t have to be taken on alone.

I was talking to a woman whose son struggles with multiple mental illnesses and a father who is developing dementia. She told me to “enjoy the good parts of life”, something that really resonated with me. For her, the majority of her day was dictated by her responsibilities and the illnesses surrounding her. She reiterated “it’s tough, but it’s what you do for the people you love”. What struck me there, is that a lot of us take for granted the moments that are “un-tough”.

So, I live my life through the wise words of Drake:

YOLO (You Only Live Once). Though the phrase has long passed being trendy, I’ve never been one for conventions, so we’re going with it. #yolo.

As we continue along this journey we’re going to need all the help we can get to make it as big and impactful as it needs to be. Supports Health has already partnered with the London Medical Network and the Ontario Brain Institute and begun collaborating with CAMH, CMHA Middlesex, other healthcare professionals, hospitals, and organizations.

My ask of all you reading this: we are always looking for new partnerships, funders, or caregivers – if there’s a way we can support you or we can support each other, please email me and my team at info@supportshealth.com

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